Eye Candy Simply Organic Hair is more than just a hair salon. The owners, Kelsie Lapping, Lisa Martin and Candy Oxenrider are all deeply rooted to this town!

It all started years ago when Candy had a salon in the basement of her home. Kelsie and Lisa grew up in her salon together as best friends and developed a passion for doing hair. It was always A dream for them to grow up and open their own hair salon together. And here we are years later, making their dreams come true!

An opportunity came up and the old eye candy became available for rent so this was their chance and they went for it! But they wanted to make it bigger and better than ever. As young mothers feeling the stress of every day life, they wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere. They wanted to bring a place for calmness and peace to their hometown. They offer relaxing services with massage chairs and affordable prices.

Their products are from Italy where the ingredients are grown in fresh fields and soil that have been pesticide free for over 100 years. There is no ammonia, no smell and no irritating burning or itching left from the color. It has no harsh chemicals and leaves the hair feeling soft with a vibrant shine!

“Come let us make you feel beautiful and relax with us! Let’s find positive energy, light and peace in our town together” -Eye Candy Simply Organic Hair

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