NEW DEADLINE: April 15, 2021 
GPA Guidance Counselor verification is waived

Annual Educational Scholarship

This scholarship, first awarded in 1991, is open to any graduating Greene County senior.  Students must apply during their senior year of high school.  Students must be accepted to a college, university or technical school as an incoming freshman student.  Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better to apply.  The application will be judged on a written essay on a given topic by a panel of twelve or more judges.  The amount of the scholarship is $1,500.

Click here to download the 2021 Annual Educational Scholarship application.



Dr. Nancy I Davis Memorial Scholarships

These scholarship was established in memory of the late Dr. Nancy I. Davis in 2018.  Dr. Davis was a life-long educator with a passion for seeing individual continue to learn, regardless of age.

Educational Support – This scholarship is open to instructors in any Greene County classroom.  The funds from this scholarship must be used in the coming school year to enrich the learning experience in the classroom.

2020 30th Annual Educational Fund Scholarship
Bryn Patton, Waynesburg Central High School

2020 Dr. Nancy I. Davis Memorial Scholarship for Educational Support
Carrie Ricco, 2nd Grade Teacher, Jefferson-Morgan

2019 Danielle Shrader

2019 Carrington Teasdale


2019 Hannah Buttermore

2018 Matthew Komula and Aubree Ferek


Jeromy Mackey


2016 Lindsey Gilbert

Chamber of Commerce Educational Fund Scholarship Winners

29th     2019                Hannah Buttermore                             WCHS

28th     2018                Aubree Ferek                                      CAHS

27th     2017                Jeromy Mackey                                   WCHS

26th     2016                Lindsey Gilbert                                   WCHS

25th     2015                Taylor Crowe                                      Home Schooled

24th     2014                Allyson Younken                                WCHS

23th     2013                Jessica Black                                       WGHS

22nd    2012                Lauren Fox                                         WCHS

21st     2011                Rhetta King                                         Open Door Christian School

20th     2010                Erica Bristor                                        WCHS

19th     2009                Danielle Bihun                                    WCHS

18th     2008                Sarah Walko                                        WCHS

17th     2007                Austin Winn                                        WCHS

16th     2006                Haddie Roberts                                   WGHS

15th     2005                Jeannette Sinnott                                 WCHS

14th     2004                Emily Michelle Spade                        WCHS

13th     2003                Patti Jo Jaiyeola                                  JMHS

12th     2002                Jennifer K. Thomas                             WCHS

11th     2001                Stacy Lynn Bargerstock                      CAHS

10th     2000                Jessica Lemley                                    JMHS

9th       1999                Heath David Mankey                          WCHS

8th       1998                Rhonda Rose                                       WCHS

7th       1987                Christopher C. Caprini                        WCHS

6th       1996                Courtney L. Ackman                          WCHS

5th       1995                Jeremy Kuharcik                                 JMHS

4th       1994                Melissa M. Jones                                CAHS

3rd       1993                Kara Anne Moser                               MHS

2nd      1992                Brian James Hunnell                           WCHS

1st       1991                Laura E. Marquis                                MHS



Dr. Nancy I Davis Memorial Leadership Scholarship

2nd      2019                Carrington Teasdale of Rices Landing, Pa

1st       2018                Matthew Komula of Rices Landing, Pa


Dr. Nancy I Davis Memorial Scholarship for Educational Support

2nd      2019                Danielle Shrader of Jefferson Morgan High School

1st       2018                Shelly Rogers of Jefferson Morgan High School