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Waynesburg Milling Company known for its trademark Wayco Feeds is perhaps the oldest business still operating in Greene County. Our business has adapted over the years to meet consumer demands, we not only sell all manners of livestock feed and farm supplies, but we have several aisles of feed and supplies for all exotics, birds, and fish, as well as a full array of goodies for cats, dogs and your other furry friends (you supply the pet we supply the rest). Waynesburg Milling Company can give the pet “super stores” a run for their money. Our store is also the County’s largest equine supply center with tack, grooming and stable supplies, nutritional supplements and veterinary products.

Gardeners in the area come to Waynesburg Milling, a well-known source for packaged and bulk seeds, tools, supplies, fertilizers and pest control. We sell locally produced goods, including fresh ground cornmeal, fresh eggs, straw, soap and local artisan’s crafts, from artfully designed solar lights to beaded jewelry. Our gift corner also includes many unique toys, socks, puzzles, games, cards, sculptures, wall hangings and so much more!

Our customers do drive this business. The decisions about what we put on our shelves are greatly influenced by what they tell us; their needs their wants and what works for them and what doesn’t. We’ve pulled products for the same reason… so we actually work together with our customers to stock the best choices available. If we don’t have what they’re looking for, we will do our best to get it for them!

We are not only reducing our carbon footprint by offering poison-free pesticides for the garden, increasing the selection of chemical free alternative controls like our marigold fly & mosquito spray for horses and humans, but we bag your purchases in recycled shopping bags. What we can’t recycle at our facility, plastics, paper & cardboard products, and metals we take to the recycle bins or to a local farmer for compost, leaving little trash for the landfills. It is our responsibility to recognize the importance of an earth-friendly business.

We would like to thank our customers for their continued patronage, working relationship and friendships. Our success is because of you!

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