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PA Chiropractic & Rehab Center

Waynesburg Borough is the home to the County Seat. The population of the Borough is around 5,000. It is governed by 9 elected members of council and a mayor. It is served by a full time police force. Fire Protection is covered by a 60 member volunteer fire department. There are a variety of stores and businesses in the downtown area. The downtown host many fine specialty shops, which showcase local artists, to make gift buying a delight. Many stores are locally owned by second and third generations, which contributes to the small town charm of the area. Waynesburg University, a Christian liberal arts University founded in 1849, stands tall, and overlooks downtown with many historically restored buildings and new state of the art facilities seasoned with a touch of the past. The Waynesburg Area is blessed with over 25 beautiful houses of worship that include many different denominations.

The Borough maintains several parks and recreation areas in the community. During the summer months Waynesburg Borough hosts a summer camp program at the Central Park Playground with the support from local merchants and organizations such as the Twentieth Century Club.


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