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Lippencott Alpacas Breeding Farm and Farm Store

Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O 
And on his farm he had an alpaca. E-I-E-I-O
With a Hum-hum here and a Hum-hum there
Here a Hum – There a Hum
Everywhere a Hum-hum!

Yes, alpacas make a humming sound that is soft as a baby’s cooing or it can be a loud alert squeal to signal the others about danger.  Most of the time, they are as happy as contented cows and don’t make a sound.  Touching their luxuriously soft fleece will make you feel like you must be in heaven.  Looking into their sweet faces lets you fall in love again.  Each alpaca seems to appreciate our personal attention. We admire them as they enjoy their grain and fresh hay.  This is only part of what our daily “job” involves as we look forward to “going to work”.  What a privilege to have them on the farm and in our hearts.  Life is good.  

Philip Galing retired from the US Military in Germany with 24 years of service.   Lena Hawkins Galing was a teacher in Germany and in the states for years.  Lena also worked in various companies and government positions.  Phil and I have great memories of the many places, people and experiences, but the “daily grind” was grinding at our spirits.  Back on Lena’s family farm in Lippencott, life changed over night when we brought our first five female alpacas home in November 2004.  One year later, our first Greene County male named Dumbledore was born and then came another beautiful male named Sterling a week later.  On September 11, 2007, our first beautiful white female named Lippencott’s Moonshine was born.  (Shine from the moon - of course)  Today, she loves to have people around her. 

At present, the farm is expecting many babies (crias) this summer!  This increase will bring the total to over 30 alpacas again!  We will continue to sell alpacas to people who are interested in this enjoyable and financially productive lifestyle. We offer alpaca ownership seminars at various times and support our alpaca buyers.  Farm tours are always free and strongly encouraged for any small and large groups.  Please call first so we don’t miss you!  Reservations for groups are encouraged so we can prepare a quality session to enhance the visit. 

During the last weekend in September, we host our Open House during the National Alpaca Farm Days. The event offers a variety of educational and hands-on activities associated with the alpacas for visitors of all ages.  Alpacas will curiously watch and participate as the activities progress throughout the two-day event.  Questions are encouraged from the many visitors. A local hand-spinner will demonstrate her spinning and knitting talents.  Children’s farm activities will be available including a hayride to the top of our hill.  Alpacas impress everyone with their gentleness and curiosity.  They love to eat grain out of the hands of the children and fascinated onlookers.  Yes, this tickles!  Our Farm Store will also be open and bursting with alpaca products.  What a memorable two-day event!  Thanks to all the wonderful people who came during previous years and supported our farm store.  This September, we are planning other children’s play areas and more hands-on activities.  We’ll also be selling our Sheep and Fiber Fest Alpaca Raffle tickets for our December drawing.  The Open House will be September 25-26, 2010. 
See you “down at the farm.”  Bring your cameras!      
Our Lippencott Alpaca Farm Store features beautiful alpaca sweaters, scarves, socks, hats, gloves, blankets, throws, stadium seats, stuffed bears & alpacas, children’s products and other unique items!  The latest news is that we now machine-knit our own extreme-weather hats that carry our own labels in our store!  They also have PA Preferred stickers on the bags because the American yarn is manufactured into hats on our farm.  Alpaca hats and other clothing are much warmer than wool and less scratchy.  Alpaca products display a greater wicking action that keeps the body warmer and drier than other fibers. This is the unique factor that promotes alpaca clothing above other fibers, especially in socks, for outside activities!  We make blaze orange hats for hunters as well as natural rose-grey and white.  These one-of-a-kind local items are very popular as well as the extreme-weather and diabetic socks.  Check out our website too. 

At our Farm Store, touching is believing! 

Lena and Philip Galing
Lippencott Alpacas
265 Meadowbrook Road
Waynesburg, PA  15370


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