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The American Judo Hapkido Institute has been training men, women and children in the art of Hapkido since 1974 when Grand Master John Beluschak founded the school. He has recently been awarded his tenth degree black belt in the art of Hapkido, making him the highest rank equal to the founder of the art, as well as a sixth degree black belt in Judo.

Hapkido is a traditional style of Korean self-defense, designed to teach people of all ages, sizes and genders how to keep themselves safe, both inside and out. We employ a variety of joint locks, throws, kicks, strikes and grappling skills to create a well-rounded system of practical and applicable defense. Alongside our student creed which teaches a philosophy of respect, self-improvement and integrity.

Our location in Waynesburg has been open for nine years. Master Laura Beluschak, who holds the distinction of the world highest ranking female Hapkido practitioner, has been actively involved in the community since our opening. Participating in Rain Day, teaching classes at local schools and the university as a community service. Our mission has always been to 'build a better community one black belt at a time'.

How to get started? We have a trial program for anyone who wants to try Hapkido. It includes 10 lessons, two private lessons, uniform and first belt of white. All for $99.00!

Just give us a call (724-627-5111)
Email us at
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Or stop in 1600 East High St. Waynesburg PA 15370

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