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If you’re looking for the number one source of history in Greene County, look no further than the Greene County Historical Society and Museum. Dedicated to preserving local history since 1925, The society is home to over 10,000 artifacts that serve as a tribute to the rich history of Greene County. The museum complex has over 52 rooms with unique exhibits and themes that cover hundreds of years of unique, local, and exciting history. From general stores in Greene County to Governor Edward Martin, and coal mines to the Civil War, the museum has plenty of national and local history with to see for visitors of all ages.

The original building was built in 1859 as the Green Hills Poor Farm for the indigent and homeless. Over the course of the century, additional rooms and space were added the growing facility. In 1964. The Curry Home was built across the street as the new residency for the local elderly, and the property was designated as the new museum for the Greene County Historical Society in 1971. The property itself was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

In addition to the museum, the Greene County Historical Society offers a wide variety of special events throughout the season, such as the spring Garden Party, fall Harvest Festival, and Christmas Open House.

For those looking for more information on the people, places, and politics of Greene County, the society also has a Library and Archives filled with prints, newspapers, and photographs. The archives are open to members and the general public.

The Greene County Historical Society is dedicated to representing and preserving our local history, and educating future generations so that Greene County’s rich and historical heritage may be celebrated throughout the region.


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