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The Arc is the largest advocacy organization in the United States for citizens with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities, and their families.  The Arc's mission is to work to include all children and adults with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilites in every community. We promote citizenship and inclusion in every community.
Founded by a small group of concerned parents in 1967, the consumer-driven organization continues to grow in scope and commitment as the largest provider of human services for individuals with special needs in Greene County.  Headquartered in Prosperity, Pennsylvania, Greene Arc is a private, nonprofit agency that provides vocational, residential, day support and advocacy services to individuals with disabilities.  Annually, we serve more than 100 adults and family members throughtout Greene, as well as neighboring counties.  These professional staff persons are complemented by a group of volunteers who work with clients and serve as board members and advisors to the program.  It is estimated that three percent of our population have some level of mental retardation or developmental disabilities.  For Greene County, that translates to over 1,200 individuals who likely are in need of services.
Greene Arc is the recycling agent for the County of Greene.  Our recycling program  instructs individuals in the process of recycling.  Items we recycle:  newspaper, office papers, cardboard, cans, plastic, and glass.  Recycling is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.  Drop off locations can be found throughout the county in the following Townships:  Aleppo, Cumberland, Carmichaels, Center, Dunkard Water Shed, Green, Jackson, Jefferson, Monongahela, Perry, Richhill, and Wayne.  Also, Mapletown High School and West Greene High School locations.
At our training facility, Greene Arc also operates a document destruction program utilizing an industrail shredder.  We operate within HIPPA compliance and the cost of destroying confidentail materials is pennies per pound.  Our coustomers include Banks, Goverment, Schools, Medical facilities, etc.  This service includes shredding of bulk materials and certification of destruction.  We can arrange for pick-ups.  We are fully insured and references are available.  We are currently training well over thirty individuals to perform this valuable service.  Additionally, food service training is conducted at the facility.  In this program, necessary skills are learned to prepare them for employment in the food industry.   Adult Day Training Service provides supervision, training and support in general areas of self care, communication, community participation and socialization.
Another valuable service provided by Greene Arc is Home and Community Habilitation.  This service offers support to individuals learning, maintaining, and improving skills through their participation in activities of everyday opportunities and experiences.  We strive to assist individuals to learn and use skills in the context of activities that are considered a functional approach to the delivery of services.  These activities are necessary for an individual to be more productive and participate in everyday community life.  Greene Arc offers Mental Health Recovery, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and Rep Payee Services.  Presently, Greene Arc has four residential group homes located throughout the county.            

For more information about Greene Arc Services  please visit our website: or call our business offices at 724-627-5511, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.

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