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Jerry Lee’s Emporium

Jerry Lee’s Emporium is a new store at 1650 East High Street in Waynesburg.  The store is mainly focused on work clothes, but also includes a selection of glasses and music.  Owner Jerry Lee Edwards has an extremely interesting past.  He started out his career in the 1980s in the music industry producing shows with Dale Shannon, Gary Puckett, The Impressions, Ramsey Lewis, and Survivor, among others. 

Eventually, he got out of the music business and into selling mining clothes in West Virginia.  He ended up making a name for himself by selling a mix of gently-used and new mining clothes at less than half the retail price.  When the mines started shutting down there he wanted to follow where the miners went, which led him to Waynesburg.   

It is important to note that the work clothing Jerry Lee sells is not just for people in the oil and gas industry, but includes regular work clothes for mechanics, carpenters, loggers, welders, and other similar professions.  He even mentioned that he found motorcyclists actually like to wear the overalls and bibs while biking for the visibility the reflective stripes on the clothing provide them.    

Some examples of clothing items he has available are men’s sweatshirts for $12, jeans for around $25 and women’s and men’s work shirts and pants for $15.  One of the more expensive items he has is a pair of insulated pipeline bibs, which retail at $400, for $250. 

As mentioned before, the Emporium also sells music and glasses.  There is a wide variety of genres of music available from the past several decades, looking through the record titles is a walk down memory lane.  As for the selection of sunglasses, Jerry Lee is from the Virgin Islands and began selling sunglasses there and has now expanded that to include reading glasses and safety glasses.

Jerry Lee’s Emporium is the only store in the area selling used work clothing on a regular basis.  The store has no other employees, but is currently looking for a seamstress.  Even if you do not work in one of the fields mentioned above, take a few minutes and stop in to Jerry Lee’s Emporium and take a look around, what he has to offer may surprise you!    

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